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4 Difficulties in Automating Testing (And How to Overcome Them)

4 Difficulties in Automating Testing (And How to Overcome Them)

The 10th edition of the World Quality Report, the largest international research in the field of application quality and trends in software testing, was released this fall. Leading IT specialists from all over the world, whose answers were taken into account when compiling it, recognized that it is impossible to optimize the software testing process without introducing automation.

At the same time, a low level of automation, as well as unresolved difficulties caused by its implementation, will restrain the growth of efficiency of testing and quality assurance processes.

But what difficulties are we talking about? GERSIS’ Automation engineers, who have already successfully completed dozens of projects, are responding.

Difficulties that may arise during the implementation of automation.

  1. No documented software requirements.
    Based on domain knowledge and experience of previous projects, we discuss requirements with the customer’s team and conduct product research testing. This allows you to identify requirements, learn about how the product should function, and write high-quality autotests.
  2. Changes in the requirements affect many autotests.
    We follow the best practices of updating test cases and change keywords (keywords). This does not require changing the autotests themselves.
  3. It is necessary to automate a very large amount of functionality.
    GERSIS employs dozens of professional automation engineers, which allows us to easily increase the size of the project team and complete the tasks on time.
  4. Large amount of test data.
    We store test data separately from test cases and develop tools for efficient data management and storage. Therefore, the amount of data does not affect the quality of the automation solution.

Benefits of Test Automation

Using the above solutions, we automate the testing process and help the customer team enjoy all the benefits of automation:

  • Increased test coverage;
  • The absence of errors (which appear during manual testing) and long modifications;
  • Reduced go-to-market time.

If you also want to optimize testing costs and get the opportunity to deliver a finished high-quality product faster – test automation can be your solution!

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