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When do you Need to use Test Automation?

When do you Need to use Test Automation?

Today we will talk about what needs to be done to ensure that automated testing pays off and helps launch your product to the market faster.

Test Automation is a powerful tool. Just imagine: it can save hundreds of hours of manual work of test engineers who check the correct functioning of the system after the delivery of changes. And this is just one example.

We have collected a number of cases where the introduction of Test Automation meets the expectations of the project. This service will suit you if:

  1. It is necessary to put the product on the market in a short time, and you want to speed up the implementation of repeated manual tests.
  2. You use Agile methodologies with continuous integration and delivery (CI / CD). There is no time for a manual regression run within a single sprint, and it is necessary to know that everything works correctly in those parts of the code that the manual testers did not check.
  3. The project involves a distributed team of developers who need to be sure that they will not break each other’s code. It is not always possible to quickly find out this without autotests.
  4. You support several versions of the software product and regularly release patches and service packs for them. Test automation in this case will speed up the execution of solution checks on different configurations.
  5. You are working on a data processing service. It is one of the most common tasks for test automation to carry out the same type of checks on different data sets, which at the same time allows us to exclude the human factor.
If you are in doubt about whether to automate the testing process, Gersis experts can analyze your project and advise a suitable solution.

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