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How to make Scope of Work (SoW) for freelancer?

How to make Scope of Work (SoW) for freelancer?

It happens that the work of the freelancer is formally done correctly, but did not meet your expectations. This happens if the task (SoW) was formulated inaccurately.

As a result, a showdown and spent nerves. We tell how to formulate the task as fully as possible.

Describe expectations

In the most complete way and preferably in simple words. Without definitions, describe exactly what you expect from a freelancer. If you want to order the text – describe the important and obligatory moments, set the style, determine the target audience. Need a script to the site – tell him what exactly it should do, how it will be displayed by the user.

Set technical requirements

If you do not understand what you are ordering, skip this item – entrust the choice of tools to a specialist. If you understand, indicate here the clear technical points: the uniqueness of the text, the script development language, etc. But do not proceed to the requirements without describing the expectations – it is much more important to tell you how you see the result than to go into the technical details.

Give examples

Examples will help the freelancer to better understand your desires and expectations, even if you cannot clearly articulate them. Just find a couple of ready-made solutions on the Internet and tell him what you like about them. It will be useful to find another one or two “anti-examples” so that the freelancer can understand how not to do it. Be realistic – don’t include Apple or Google services as examples if you have a modest budget and completely different tasks. Look for samples from real competitors that are close to you in scale and target audience.

Discuss everything

Even if you make the perfect detailed SoW, the freelancer may not understand you so well. For example, for you, “a feeling of tenderness and lightness” is associated with blue, and for a performer – with pink, and without a conversation it is impossible to understand. Therefore, it is important to talk and make sure that you speak the same language.

Sometimes freelancers do not ask questions – fear that they will be considered stupid or incompetent. Therefore, even if there are no questions, be sure to check with the freelancer if he understood everything.

Stay in touch

Sometimes at the SoW everything seems to be understandable, but questions may arise in the process. Therefore, it is important not to disappear after SoW, but stay in touch in order to guide the work into the right direction.

If you are lucky and you have found the professional, he will get it all from you. But it is better to be fully prepared. You need a great result, right? Follow this plan – and then you will easily find a common language with the freelancers.

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