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When you need QA expert assistance?

When you need QA expert assistance?

QA-expert assistance is needed if:

  1. Increase of number of projects (necessity to involve a more structured process)
  2. Reformation or rapid growth (existing processing need update)
  3. Quality decrease of released software (eliminating bottlenecks in testing or related processes)
  4. Proactive approach to quality (introduction of new methodologies and industrial practices)

You may also consider assistance of QA expert in the following cases:

  • In the company, “outsiders” are involved in testing: programmers, business analysts, support service specialists. That is, there is a testing function, but it is not performed at a professional level.
  • The company is faced with the need to quickly expand the team. At the same time, there is a risk of not only a shortage of QA resources, but also an unpreparedness of the testing process to scale, which ultimately can lead to a breakdown of time or a lower quality level.
  • With the development of the product there is a need for new approaches, in which a simple expansion of the state is not enough. Let’s say yesterday you needed functional testing, and today there is a need for automated testing.

In each of the three options, a quality consultant can bring significant benefits to the development process and speed up the market launch of a defect-free and stable product. You can find out more about QA-consulting service here.

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