Gersis Software

Call processing and dispatching


The main aim of the project was to automate call processing and speed up emergency teams dispatching in public health organizations.

The system supports the following tasks:

  • Calls processing Received calls monitoring and control
  • Emergency teams monitoring and control
  • Dispatchers work operational supervision
  • Reports and statistical data generation
  • Generate, send and print area specific documents

The system can be operated online and offline with the automatic synchronization after offline periods.

The solution includes the whole structure of Ministry of Public Health with its analytics and statistics. This feature allows optimizing call and documents processing.

As the result we have developed a part of the E-Health system that optimize the work of Emergency Health Service. Financial problems due to economic crisis 2008 upset the plans for further development of the application.   Nevertheless, the project concept was successfully used for development of emergency support software solution to reduce the consequences of Emergency situations.

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