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This case study page describes professional activity only of the latest years.


The World’s largest printing machines manufacture was looking to save budget during implementation of E-commerce portal for Asian market. There is a QA department in their company. During the product development, their testers have to perform a huge number of routine repeated operations which increase the cost and prolong the release dates of new versions. In 2015, the customer asked us…


A solution for personalized athlete training and decision making. Gersis has created a powerful multi-user web application designed to collect and process different data. The data includes personal medical parameters of an athlete, his results of throwing/hitting/pitching a ball, as well as ball trajectory, throwing spin, etc.


Initially the customer was testing their game in a closed community of players. These people were players who did not follow a systematic process; they found only those bugs that they came across during the game. For obvious reasons their descriptions of errors were not professional: the information lacked an expected result and an actual result, set of actions that reproduce the bug, the impact of the error…


At first, the customer’s internal team was doing testing and the management was increasing the number of employees in this testing department. After some time the management board came to a conclusion that they needed to optimize the size of the department…


For its internal operations our customer needs a portal. As a proof of concept the Discussion Board & Search & Taxonomy functionally was realized on SharePoint 2013 (on premises). We used OOTB Discussion Board with some branding, custom search templates, custom server controls (for Taxonomy fields) and a heavily customized Search Refiners web part. As a result we developed a solution that allows to quickly search for necessary information on the Discussion Board. Besides, it has a very simple and clear visualization.


A customer wanted to create ‘Company Hotline’ on the company intranet because he needed a service that would 1) make it easier for the employees to study the company regulatory documents; 2) ease the communication within the company when it comes to posting questions, suggestions and getting answers from other company divisions. This all was intended to improve the company work environment as well. As a result, we developed a SharePoint portal with corporate branding.


The Delay Code Clearing Portal provides access to various airlines.  An airline (claimant) enters information about a particular flight delay – duration, code, causer, etc. – that is converted in IATA Delay Code system (IATA delay codes attribute cause and responsibility for the delay).  This makes it easier for all the parties to comprehend the data submitted.  The causer then responds to these data – makes changes if necessary and chooses a status for the delay – ‘confirmed’, ‘denied’ and ‘escalated’.


The Risk Reporting System was designed to establish and enforce a standard process for providing risk relevant data when and where these become known, by the responsible stakeholders, including all data considered relevant for the enterprise and its management. With all relevant data already in the system, a Risk Report can be generated in real time, without the need to again and again chase information updates. Reports can be generated easily by authorized users, without any help from an IT professional.


The project is a combination of software and services that were developed for customer attraction. We used touch screens of different size and functions and installed custom developed software. The touch screens were built into tables and desks in a car dealer café of a famous German car manufacturer to foster the interaction between the audience and the company. The project consists of touch screens for dining tables and bar, an interactive 55-inch panel and a video wall.


The Partner needed to develop a solution for planning of maintenance and support (300,000 pieces of equipment, 1 million of maintenance man-hours per year, the planning department of about 25 employees that entered data in Excel manually).

As a result, we have developed Enterprise Resource Planning and Optimization software which significantly decreased reactive maintenance activities and improved resources utilization. Total savings are about 2 million per year.


Within the period of 20 years the partner has gathered a large volume of data about its customers. All this data was unstructured and fragmentary. For the purpose of increasing sales the partner needed to prepare, analyze/ learn, interpret/ find dependencies and visualize the data.

We had to perform not trivial mission of Data Mining and Analysis. To increase the accuracy of results we use the data base of another partner of ours – Telecom operator. The agreement was achieved between the partners that analytical data received within this project will be shared and further used by both of them. As known Telco have vast data base of users introducing their behavior (location, family status, purchase history, etc.). We combined both data bases and developed a software platform that combines Business Intelligence, Corporate performance management, Business Analysis.


In order to increase volume of sales the customer needed a tool that allows processing and analysis of this data. Having historical data analyzed would allow the customer to duly plan its marketing/sales activities and provide the ability to forecast how to increase the sales in various regions on various product groups.

Our team has developed a software solution that measures the effectiveness of previous sales efforts taking into account organized sales campaigns, direct sales, other factors. The forecast for future sales is done based on the provided historical data.

In database the information for the past 15 years on the performed sales/marketing activities was stored, as well as the received output (in terms of increased volume of sales, profit, etc)


Portal for auto parts sales enables implementation of Auctions for a specific item. It supports information exchange with a large number of similar resources and DataBases of the automotive suppliers.

Austrian company selling auto parts approached GERSIS with a request of creation of a Portal. Auto Parts Auction Portal helps to choose and buy different kinds of spare parts for various makes of cars as well as to auction the available goods (similar to eBay).


Gersis created Football Information Portal for our Austrian client. It covers football junior division and junior leagues. The Portal allows you to view key moments immediately after the match, add comments, etc.

The key goal was, so the user can view and comment on the key moments of the match, as well as to have information about the news and the schedule of matches, etc. in real time.


This system supports remote healthcare process and provides interactive communication between doctor and patient. The main function of the system is to constantly monitor health status of the people with various health disorders like chronic illnesses and disabilities or with the conditions that need to be controlled (pregnancy, post-labor checking, elderly people condition, etc.)


The main aim of the project was to automate call processing and speed up emergency teams dispatching in public health organizations. The system supports the following tasks:

  • Calls processing Received calls monitoring and control
  • Emergency teams monitoring and control
  • Dispatchers work operational supervision
  • Reports and statistical data generation
  • Generate, send and print area specific documents


In close cooperation with the experts we made a unified platform for companies working with wireless networks. AWE platform is for network visualization, planning, analysis, optimization and reporting. It allows support and correlation of multiple data sources within a network operator environment.

The platform was designed to be used for developing advanced engineering decision support applications and automating engineering tasks. It enhances …


Gersis Software took part in a R&D project called Surface quality control tool. The purpose of the project was to design hardware and develop a software solution for pointing out defects on hides. Our German partner was responsible for designing hardware and Gersis Software was involved into developing a software part.


The customer needs a Micro-payment portal with infrastructure that includes pre-defined tables of services, clients, providers. It has constant flow of transaction from bank sub-system. There can be multiple payment per client-service pair. One provider have multiple services local to only him…


At the end of 2012 GERSIS took part in a R&D project called Surface quality control tool. The purpose of the project was to design hardware and develop a software product to point out defects on hides. Our German partner was responsible for designing hardware and GERSIS was involved into developing a software part…

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