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This case study page describes software development projects only of latest years.

Discussion Board

The customer decided to find out how SharePoint can be used for their internal operations. To meet the customer’s needs, we developed a small proof of concept: Discussion Board & Search & Taxonomy functionally for SharePoint (2013) On Premises. READ MORE

Company Hotline

A customer wanted to create a ‘Company Hotline’ on the company intranet, because he needed a service that would meet two needs. First, it would make it easier for the employees to study the company regulatory documents. Secondly, the service would ease the communication within the company when it comes to posting questions, suggestions and getting answers from other company divisions. READ MORE

Delay Code Clearing Portal

The Delay Code Clearing Portal provides access to various airlines.  An airline (claimant) enters information about a particular flight delay – duration, code, causer, etc. – that is converted in IATA Delay Code system (IATA delay codes attribute cause and responsibility for the delay).  This makes it easier for all the parties to comprehend the data submitted. READ MORE

Risk Reporting

Many international organizations struggle with the challenge of aggregating and managing increasing amounts of risk related data and accurately reporting these to Management. Most of the available software solutions are designed to fulfill… READ MORE

Digital Restaurant System

The project is a combination of software and hardware. We used touch screens of different size and functions and installed custom developed software. The touch screens were built into tables and desks in a car dealer café of a famous German car manufacturer to foster the interaction between the audience and the company. READ MORE

ERP for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) producer

The Partner needed to develop a solution for planning of maintenance and support (300,000 pieces of equipment, 1 million of maintenance man-hours per year, the planning department of about 25 employees that entered data in Excel manually). As a result, we have developed Enterprise Resource Planning and Optimization software which… READ MORE

Decision making support system

The Partner is a leading player at banking market since 1995. Within the period of 20 years the partner has gathered a large volume of data about its customers. All this data was unstructured and fragmentary.

For the purpose of increasing sales the partner needed to prepare, analyze/ learn, interpret/ find dependences and visualize the data… READ MORE

Custom ERP for Retail

Customer is a leading European beauty products and cosmetics manufacturer having sales branches in 24 countries of the world. In order to increase volume of sales the customer needed a tool that allows processing and analysis of this data. Having historical data analyzed would allow the customer to duly plan its marketing/sales activities and provide the ability to forecast how to increase the sales in various regions on various product groups… READ MORE

Auto Parts Portal (E-Commerce)

Portal for auto parts sales enables implementation of Auctions for a specific item. It supports information exchange with a large number of similar resources and DataBases of the automotive suppliers…READ MORE

Football Internet Portal (Internet TV)

GERSIS created Football Information Portal for our Austrian client. It covers football junior division and junior leagues. The Portal allows you to view key moments immediately after the match, add comments, etc…READ MORE

Health Monitoring System

The idea of the system was to support a remote healthcare process and provide interactive communications between doctor and patient. The main function of the system is to monitor the health status for chronic illnesses and disabilities according to conditions which need to be controlled (pregnancy, post-labor checking, diabetes, elderly people conditions, etc.)… READ MORE

Call processing and dispatching

The main aim of the project was to automate call processing and speed up emergency teams dispatching in public health organizations. The system supports the following tasks: Calls processing Received calls monitoring and control, Emergency teams monitoring and control… READ MORE

Platform for wireless networks

In close cooperation with the experts we made a unified platform for companies working with wireless networks. AWE platform is for network visualization, planning, analysis, optimization and reporting. It allows support and correlation of multiple data sources within a network operator environment. The platform was designed to be used for developing advanced engineering decision… READ MORE

Surface Quality control tool (Image Processing)

GERSIS took part in a R&D project called Surface quality control tool. The purpose of the project was to design hardware and develop a software solution to point out defects on hides. Our German partner was responsible for designing hardware and GERSIS was involved into developing a software part… READ MORE

Micro-payment Portal (E-Commerce)

The customer needs a Micro-payment portal with infrastructure that includes pre-defined tables of services, clients, providers. It has constant flow of transaction from bank sub-system. There can be multiple payment per client-service pair. One provider have multiple services local to only him… READ MORE

Quality Assurance software

At the end of 2012 GERSIS took part in a R&D project called Surface quality control tool. The purpose of the project was to design hardware and develop a software product to point out defects on hides. Our German partner was responsible for designing hardware and GERSIS was involved into developing a software part… READ MORE

Equipment Procurement Portal

The purpose of introduction of Procurement Portal was the replacement of a clunky Excel-based ordering system, reduce order and delivery times.

The portal facilitates ordering of computer systems for lease and/or purchase and to track the order status… READ MORE

Emergency Situation Management

The emergency dispatch of Ministry for Emergency Situations wasn’t well computerized and all data was in paper. Our task was to reduce call processing time to 30 seconds and to optimize emergency dispatch work. As the result we have developed the system that… READ MORE

ERP (custom)

Enterprise-wide system for budget planning and control, with multiple roles. Functions: Planning (financial & operational), Procurement processes, Human Resources Management, Customer Relations Management, Analytics… READ MORE

Automated Process Management system for Custom service

Our System interacts with over 30 independent systems including license-plate recognition system, border control system, E-declaration system, Customs Union members’ systems, etc. It contains algorithms interacted with complicated systems (e.g. security system, video control system… READ MORE

Mobile App Synchronization 

My Wallet provides data synchronization between Android-based phones and PCs as well as to view, manage and synchronize user’s personal data online… READ MORE

Mobile Barcode Reader

The Bar-code Reader project included development of mobile applications on Android and BlackBerry platforms, which are capable of capturing a barcode image using the smartphone’s camera, and to process it… READ MORE

Android Internet Car Radio

The Mobile Application for Internet car radio usage was optimized for use in a vehicle with a range of features, and provides listening options for more than 42,000 AM/FM stations and Internet-only audio streams… READ MORE

Stream Media Player (Mobile)

The Stream Media Player  allows to play video from different web cameras, watch Internet TV, and play locally stored files… READ MORE

Slide Show Application (Mobile)

The Android Slide Show Application allows sharing pictures with other people in the form of a media slide show… READ MORE

Hotline (Help-desk for Complaints Management)

Management of Complaints is a standardized system for the management of residents’ complaints which can be outlined by the following points… READ MORE

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