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Company Hotline

Customer: Travel agency

Industry: Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Challenge: Create a Portal

A customer wanted to create ‘Company Hotline’ on the company intranet becstartup-594090_1920ause he needed a service that would

  • make it easier for the employees to study the company regulatory documents;
  • ease the communication within the company when it comes to posting questions, suggestions and getting answers from other company divisions.

This all was intended to improve the company work environment as well.

As a result, we developed a portal with corporate branding. The portal meets the needs mentioned above.

More precisely, we created several channels for getting answers to the questions (via telephone, e-mail, and via the portal). Apart from that, we created a forum with non-anonymous messages which allows the employees to find answers to the questions that have already been created. We also designed a mechanism of getting feedback and having control over the employees’ satisfaction with the received answer. Finally, a mechanism that allows downloading various reports was developed as well.

The client has shared with us that his employees enjoy this portal.

Technologies: SharePoint 2013, on-premises

Duration: 1.5 months

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