Gersis Software


Mobile Apps Development in Florida

Who are we?

GERSIS Inc. is a mature provider of IT solutions and custom software development. More than 10 years we provide our Clients with high quality services and competitive pricing, access to more resources and expertise.

Our Strategy.

Helping our Partners achieve their goals by providing EASY-TO-USE outsourcing software development services.

Our Mission.

Providing our clients with the most optimal, cost-effective and robust solutions, which boost up the increase in returns and productivity of their businesses.

Our History.

We started as software development department of International holding. Today we are a Research & Development transnational corporation. More than 100 happy customers already use our services!

Our Team.

Succeeding alone is extremely difficult. We act as a Team, “every opinion is important – the best views are applied.”
20+ professionals, 80% of senior level, average experience – 5 years.

Not just another outsourcing company…

  • “How can I be sure that I’ll be delivered high-quality services?”
  • “How can I try your services, when I need works to be performed on a live, mission-critical system and do not want to risk its stability?”
  • “How can I be sure that my intellectual property is duly protected?”

These and many other questions our customers usually asked us. We are sure that it is vital for project success to speak the same language with your customer in terms of development methodology suitable for a particular project, collaboration models that better fit into existing requirements, testing process that guarantees expected quality of the product. Learn more about our Approaches.

“7 C” Rule. Convenience on each stage of cooperation!

  1. Convenience in getting a proposal. We reply to request for proposal quickly. Questionnaires are offered to ease providing information for an estimate. We ourselves translate the request for proposal from the non-English language.
  2. Convenience in financing. We offer flexible pricing models that allow you to fully control your budget. We do our best to define all needed work before development starts.
  3. Convenience while starting the project. We will adjust to your processes. Also, we will propose process templates as a starting point to create process optimized for your particular case. We are ready to study existing code, proprietary platforms, etc.
  4. Convenience in cooperation. We follow your priorities. If it is needed we adjust our short term plans to your needs. Communication from our side is a fact based, prompt and friendly.
  5. Convenience in monitoring. Routine information is promptly provided. You will get our reporting – we provide information in a form convenient for making decisions. Weekly reporting is a standard, daily reporting is also possible.
  6. Convenience in getting a result. We provide results according to your coding rules and other your standards. Installation instructors are always provided.
  7. Convenience in getting maintenance. The procedure is well established. The reaction is quick according to severity.
“need advice? send your project for assessment!”