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Delay Code Clearing Portal

Customer: One of the biggest airports in Germany

Industry: Airport

Challenge: Develop a Web Portalboeing-2006099_1920

Our Customer – One of the biggest airports in Germany – had a very sophisticated and challenging project. The client needed to enhance IATA delay codes management.  To achieve this we developed a Delay Code Clearing Portal ­– the web portal that processes flights’ delay codes.

The Delay Code Clearing Portal provides access to various airlines.  An airline (claimant) enters information about a particular flight delay – duration, code, causer, etc. – that is converted in IATA Delay Code system (IATA delay codes attribute cause and responsibility for the delay).  This makes it easier for all the parties to comprehend the data submitted.  The causer then responds to these data – makes changes if necessary and chooses a status for the delay – ‘confirmed’, ‘denied’ and ‘escalated’. Thus, the claimant gets an overall picture of the causer’s response and may proceed to developing further communication with the causer in terms of penalties and details clarification. The contact information of the airlines professionals is stored in the portal, so a claimant or a causer can easily reach out to the person he needs.

Another important portal feature is specific rules establishment. A rule upon how the portal should react automatically – to raise warning, send an e-mail, accept a delay code, etc.– can be formulated and implemented in accordance with the instructions given, which automatizes the processing of flight delays codes even more.

Finally, the portal lets an airline agent easily keep track of all the delays and their statuses and monitor changes occurring.

To draw a bottom line, the web portal serves as a highly effective tool for control, automation and communication.

Technologies: Java, JPA, Oracle Database, AngularJS.

Duration: 9 months.

Team: 1 Project Manager, 3 Developers, 3 QA.

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