Gersis Software

Digital Restaurant System

The projecmercedes cafe touch screen 1t is a combination of software and services that were developed for customer attraction. We used touch screens of different size and functions and installed custom developed software. The touch screens were built into tables and desks in a car dealer café of a famous German car manufacturer to foster the interaction between the audience and the company.

The project consists of touch screens for dining tables and bar, an interactive 55-inch panel and a video wall. It has following functions:

  • Interactive menu of the restaurant and bar with ordering function;
  • Configuring the prototype of the car and test drive booking;
  • Games and Entertainment;
  • Access to online resources (social networks)

mercedes cafe touch screen 2

The entire system is a client-server architecture.

  1. Server. It is responsible for sending and receiving data from the client side. The server and the client part are connected by a LAN / WLAN technology. The database updates are made via LAN or a remote Web server.
  2. The client part consists of touch screens of different sizes.
  3. Control panel. It serves for data entry.

This system brings many advantages to the owner:

  1. It speeds up customer service
  2. It increases the time spent by guests in the bar/restaurant.
  3. It is an effective advertising medium (touch screens can be used as advertising space)
  4. It is innovative and increases the reputation of the brand and helps to position it.

In addition, we can build standard profiles/columns, customized profiles, etc. according to the customer needs.


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