Gersis Software

Easy-to-manage permissions solution

The application is used to give user specific permissions (read, write, upload) for selected item or items in lists and document library.

Project contains:

  • Business logic layer with two interfaces (onefor notification management …and another for permission management”) and services that inherited them.
  • Email notification service is used to send mail to selected user, users or site group when we share permission for them.
  • Permission management service is used to work with user’s and group’s data on site collection and to share/unshare permission on item read, delete, upload by user.

Helpers are used to bind UI with specific data.

Share and unshare permission forms (.ASPX forms) with code behind are deployed to SharePoint site automatically with help of corresponding module XML.. Module elements file also contains custom actions to add share and unshare buttons to context menu and ribbon of custom lists and document libraries.

Resources.resx file to localize solution, style.css file for forms styles and common constants for a project.

Technologies: SharePoint 2010, ASP.NET.

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