Gersis Software

Emergency Situation Management

Customer: Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus

Industry: Government/ Emergency

History: In 2006 The Cabinet of Ministers initiated creation of a new emergency support software solution. The prototype of such service is 911 in the USA and 112 in Europe. The requirements for emergency dispatch software were specified for a long time. In 2011 in the course of State Expert Board within State scientific and technical program our company was selected to develop such software.

The emergency dispatch of Ministry for Emergency Situations wasn’t well computerized and all data was in paper. Our task was to reduce call processing time to 30 seconds and to optimize emergency dispatch work.

As the result we have developed the system that computerizes the work of the emergency dispatch of Ministry for Emergency Situations. Phoenix also keeps records of emergency dispatch service and plans its work. But the main thing is the reduction of call processing.

In 2013-2014 it was updated in order to integrate it with other emergency dispatch service systems. Besides, in cooperation with Belarusian State University a Processing and Analytic Module was developed.

Team structure: 25 people (2 PMs, 2 BAs, 15 Developers, 1 Architect, 5 QA)

Technologies: ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2010, WPF, WCF, NHibernate, Microsoft Prism, NUnit, Moq Framework, LINQ, Microsoft Sync Framework, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 r2

Duration: 24 months (3 phases)

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