Gersis Software

Equipment Procurement Portal

Customer: Manufacture Enterprise

Industry: Energy/ ICT

History: The purpose of introduction of Procurement Portal was the replacement of a clunky Excel-based ordering system, reduce order and delivery times.

The portal facilitates ordering of computer systems for lease and/or purchase and to track the order status. The system uses a DB to minimize the number of times data has to be re-written from one form to another.  It assigns a unique ID number to every order.


  • Built-in audit capabilities including ID-based logging of changes to the price DB, creation, approval, release, and cancellation of orders, and user administration. Activity reports can be shown on screen, or exported to Excel.
  • Order information cannot be deleted from the database
  • Users are allocated a combination of privileges: read or update catalogue; create, approve, cancel or release orders; administer usernames, e-mail addresses, and privileges.
  • Single sign-on facility.


  • Authorized users can amend and add product specifications and prices in the DB
  • The cost center manager is alerted via automatic e-mail when an order has been created that will use funds in his cost center.
  • The cost center manager approves or rejects an order created by the procurement staff. His decision will be communicated to the procurement staff via automatic e-mail.
  • Procurement staff releases orders once it has been approved by the cost centre manager. Options includes printing an order on paper for posting to the vendor, printing to a PDF file and e-mail it to the vendor, and sending an order directly to the vendor’s website via XML (confirmation from the vendor’s website via success/failure code). A confirmation e-mail is automatically cc’d to the procurement staff member.
  • Procurement staff can cancel an order that they have created. Options include printing the cancellation on paper for posting to the vendor, printing it to a PDF file, and e-mailing it to the vendor.
  • Strategic Procurement Group staff can report on orders.

Team structure: 13 people (1 PMs, 1 BAs, 8 Developers, 1 Architect, 2 QA)

Technologies: C#, ASP MVC, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), WCF, MS SQL Server 2008, Entity Framework, Microsoft Azure

Duration: 6 months

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