Gersis Software

Game testing (gambling)

The leading UK based game studio (gambling) , was seeking to deliver better quality to win more users.

Before cooperating with us

Initially the customer was testing their game in a closed community of players. These people were simple players who did not follow a systematic process; they found only those bugs that they came across during the game. For obvious reasons their descriptions of errors were not professional: the information lacked an expected result and an actual result, set of actions that reproduce the bug, the impact of the error, the environment if applicable and etc.

Challenge and coming to us

With time, the number of games increased. Without efficient processes and skilled software testers it turned impossible to guarantee the games quality.
In the middle of 2018, the customer came to our company with a task – to set up testing processes from scratch.

How have we fulfilled this task?

We studied the results of previous testing activities as well as business processes of the customer. Based on our research, we elaborated an activities plan. Our Team Lead put a suitable team together and adapted the processes of this team to the needs of the customer. Last but not least, we worked out transparent processes and reports which we send to the customer at the end of each sprint.
As a result
  • The customer enjoys a team of appropriately skilled testers who are performing testing activities according to custom processes.
  • The activities plan is always submitted for review and approval in advance.
  • The team delivers predictable results.

Our cooperation continues

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