Gersis Software

Health Monitoring System


Customer: Private Medical Institution

Industry: Healthcare

Overview: This system supports remote healthcare process and provides interactive communication between doctor and patient. The main function of the system is to constantly monitor health status of the people with various health disorders like chronic illnesses and disabilities or with the conditions that need to be controlled (pregnancy, post-labor checking, elderly people condition, etc.)

Description: The System has 3 participants: Administrator, Doctor and Patient. It’s supposed to collect healthcare measurement data from patients via mobile client. The System automatically sends updates to a central database. From there data can be obtained by the treatment responsible authority such as patient’s own physician.


The system also provides patient with the information like treatment schedules, drug dose information, health-relevant statistics.


  • Users can input data in the system via cell phone.
  • Physicians prescribe medicines to the patients remotely and the System can send reminders on the patients’ cell phone
  • Participants are able to review dynamics of changes in their characteristics and the prescription history

This system can be customized to any other remote data entry application.

Team Structure: 15 people (PMs, BAs, Software Engineers, Architect, QA)

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, MVC 2.0, Windows Mobile, MSMQ

Duration: 8 months

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