Gersis Software

Mobile App Synchronization

Client: the leading corporation in the sphere of finance.

Challenge: My Wallet provides data synchronization between Android-based phones and PCs as well as to view, manage and synchronize user’s personal data online. The My Wallet project focuses on the modification of the Android applications as well as open source Funambol Sync Server and Funambol Outlook plugin to synchronize the media data. My Wallet allows synchronization of Contacts, Events (Calendar), Pictures/Photo, Music, and Video.
All synchronization data is stored on the Sync Server, available online through the Web Portal, with a dynamic user interface. The specially developed Android sync client allows data synchronization between a Google phone and a remote server through the Internet. On the desktop, the enhanced Outlook client allows communications and data exchange with the server.
Duration: 4 months
Technologies: Google Android SDK, SproutCore framework, CodeIgniter, Funambol sync server & client, Java SE, C++, PHP, Ruby, ffmpeg, ffmpeg-php, x264, xvid, xvid-develop, MySQL, Apache 2.2, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, SOAP, Web Services, Fedora OS

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