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PHP web development

GERSIS combines industry best practices and hands-on expertise to deliver custom PHP solutions for your business.

Since 2004 GERSIS has delivered 100+ complex PHP solutions to 50+ clients worldwide. We build B2B, B2C and B2E solutions that empower your business to take full advantage of your web presence and get instant access to your data from any desktop and mobile devices.

  1. Object-oriented PHP 5+ programming. OOP concept provides a clear modular structure for programs, makes it easy to maintain and modify existing code, and provides a good framework for code libraries. All combined, it makes your PHP solution easy to support and reduces development and maintenance costs.

  2. Using popular CMS: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more. Whenever possible we use trusted out-of-the-box CMS solutions and customize them to your needs. We install all necessary plugins and appropriate extensions to give full flexibility in the way your content is presented.

  3. Attention to best practices like design patterns and unit testing. We use design pattern that help us employ best practices in building an application or system. Unit tests ensure that code meets its design and behaves as intended, and enable us to find problems early, facilitate change and simplify integration.

  4. Orientation on the highly modular Model-View-Controller design. Using MVC design pattern we deliver highly custom web applications that can display multiple views of the same data at the same time and make it easy to accommodate changes in user interfaces.

  5. Implementation of reusable and easier to maintain source code. This principle enables code-level knowledge transfer, increases application maintainability and reduces your total cost of ownership.



GERSIS develop tailored, functional and load-resistant PHP solutions that include:




GERSIS team can develop a custom web application for your business from A to Z, and ensure secure integration of 3rd party online services (payment gateways, data sources, APIs, etc.) or create custom data feeds.






Combining our PHP expertise with front-end development skills and experience in deploying REST- and JSON services, we deliver scalable mobile applications with powerful and secure back-ends.




GERSIS experience in web portals ranges from e-commerce solutions and social networks to enterprise portals development. We develop web solutions from scratch as well as integrate payment gateways, billing tools and other components into your existing solutions.






Utilizing our hands-on experience with cloud platforms, like Amazon and Google Cloud, we deliver SaaS enterprise solutions that let you access your business-critical data from any desktop and mobile devices.




If you are facing the challenge of going mobile, we can help you decide, either to use a mobile app, optimize your current website for mobile use, or develop a new mobile website. Being aware of all limitations – screen size, compressed pages, speed – we make sure your mobile websites provide the same features as native applications.





The GERSIS’ PHP team has experience in delivering both marketing and entertainment applications for Facebook. In these types of solutions we focus on interactivity and adaptive design to make sure your Facebook application is correctly displayed on all types of mobile devices and computers.




GERSIS’ skill set includes an extensive number of proven frameworks, technologies and tools that accelerate development process. Based on your requirements we can choose the most relevant and cost-effective technology mix for your project.

  • OS

Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, FreeBSD, MacOS, Red Hat, CentOS and Microsoft Windows Family

  • Languages

PHP 4, 5+, SQL, JavaScript, XML, (x)HTML (4, 5), CSS

  • DBMS

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebird, Oracle, MSSQL Server; Custom CMS and CRM: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Bitrix, MODx; Social Engines and APIs: LiveStreet, FaceBook API, Twitter API, Google api; Frameworks and engines: Zend Framework (1+, 2+), Symphony (1+, 2+), Kohana, Smarty, Codeigniter, Twig, Yii, composer.phar; ORM: Doctrine 1+, 2+, Propel

  • Web Servers

RDBMS & DB development, Web development, Module development, Distributed development, Web Design, HTML-slicing, Testing, Animation.

  • JavaScript frameworks

RDBMS, PHP, JavaScript and AJAX, Web-services, HTML Coding, Flex/Flash

  • Design Tools

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.

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