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Printing Software Testing

Our client, the World’s leading printing machine manufacture, was seeking for a reliable partner to set up and maintain software testing team.

Why did the customer come to us?

In 2015, the customer reached out to us requesting to audit cooperation with that nearshore contractor and to give recommendations. After studying our advice and discussing challenges with that nearshore contractor, the customer concluded that they would not continue the cooperation in the existing setup. After that, the customer asked us to make up a team of software testers to perform a full cycle of  testing activities for their products.

Before our cooperation

At first, the customer’s internal team was doing testing and the management was increasing the number of employees in this testing department. After some time the management board came to a conclusion that they needed to optimize the size of the department. That’s how they started searching for a nearshore partner. The first nearshore company failed to adapt to customer’s business processes, which impaired communication and deliveries. This caused an additional overhead and the profit from a nearshore cooperation wasn’t so evident as desired. In a nutshell, the experience with this nearshore contractor was frustrating.

What we do?

  • We elaborated a project plan and profiles of the required specialists for the tasks. Based on the profiles, we assigned the most suitable software testers to the project. The customer has reviewed and approved the candidates beforehand.
  • We worked out transparent project processes and reporting methods.

As a result

  1. The customer enjoys a team of appropriately skilled testers who are performing testing activities according to custom processes.
  2. The activities plan is always submitted for review and approval in advance.
  3. The team delivers predictable results.
Type of Tests: Functional Testing, Load (Performance) testing, Automated testing.
Technologies: Selenium, WebDriver, Python, Java, SQL.

Cooperation continues...

“need advice? send your project for assessment!”