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Automated Testing

Automated Testing – the best way to get full control over the quality of software by optimizing the go-to-market time of a product and its cost.

Automation testing process in Gersis:

Test automation helps reduce the time it takes to verify the quality of IT systems and is suitable for conducting many regular operations, from simulating user work to creating reports on the status of testing. In addition, the Automated testing allows you to perform checks that are not available during manual testing. Automatic tests are developed individually, taking into account all the characteristics of the software product. Thus, the automation of application testing will be different from working with software. But regardless of the type of product, the use of our service will reduce the cost of ensuring its quality and reduce the go-to-market time. Depending on the current needs of the client, Gersis offers 4 types of services:
  1. Evaluate: We evaluate the need to implement Automated Testing, the calculation of business effects, the selection of tools.
  2. Develop: We develop Automated Tests and support them.
  3. Implement: The introduction of turnkey Test Automation: a full cycle of work – from setting goals to monitoring solution effectiveness.
  4. Audit: Auditing an existing instrument, tracking changes for maximum effect.

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Much has been written about the benefits of Test Automation. The main thing is that it allows you to faster launch high-quality software products and at lower cost. Automated testing process assumes that tests will be performed continuously and with less likelihood of errors.
However, it is worth remembering that the introduction of automation is a serious step that requires significant financial and time investments. Before looking for a team of professional automation QAs, you need to write requirements, set goals, calculate profitability, clarify the expectations of all team members.

Gersis’ approach to test automation of software

Long-term projects require a verified approach that guarantees a return on investment in Test Automation. We propose a solution based on the universalization of the test script description language.
Most autotests are based on natural language constructs and can be prepared by manual testing specialists. Software testing automation allows you to install and run regular software texts, which gives an additional financial effect.
The work process includes five steps:
1. Test Model Analysis
2. Adaptation of test scenarios, preparation of a set of keywords
3. Test automation based on keywords
4. Extend test suite by reusing keywords
5. Run tests on a regular basis
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