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Custom Software Development

custom-software-development_programming_development_code-256“How can I be sure that I’ll be delivered high quality services?”

“What process shall I adopt for my project, when scope of work is not fully defined and a lot of changes are expected?”

“How can I try your services, when I need works to be performed on a live, mission-critical system and do not want to risk its stability?”

“How can I be sure that my intellectual property is duly protected?”

Our customers have asked us these and many other questions. We are sure that it is vital for project success to speak the same language with your customer in terms of development methodology suitable for a particular project, collaboration models that better fit into existing requirements, testing process that guarantees expected quality of the product, etc.

It’s important to define the communication strategy and responsibilities before actual development is started. This makes expectations of both sides transparent and work easy.

Our experience allows us to say that there are no two identical projects. Every business idea is unique. Moreover, each customer has its own business style, with which it is comfortable. And to be a good supplier of software development services requires skills and flexibility to elaborate a development approach that fits into those preconditions.

Our experts take the best from Unified Process (UP), Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF), ISO 9001:2000, and Agile methodologies to propose unique development solutions to our unique customers.

Our core expertise is Java development and development along with Mobile app development.

Some case studies of custom software development:

Health Monitoring System

Call processing and dispatching

Equipment procurement portal

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