Development center

development-center_programming_development_programm-256-256Strengthen your team with talented developers from GERSIS!

At GERSIS we provide you with your Individual Developers as well as Development Teams to augment your in-house team or cover specific technical needs and domain expertise.

You approve each team member for your project, we take care that the team has all necessary facilities and atmosphere to outperform.

For you this means that:

  • You get IT specialists working for you, GERSIS takes care of their continuous professional development and motivation.
  • GERSIS provides the infrastructure: hardware, licenses, networks, office space, etc.
  • Necessary tax, accounting and legal services for the team members are on our shoulders.
  • You can balance the load of every team member and find the best proportion for best results.
  • You may add/change team members within agreed time span.

Make your software development successful and easy to manage!

“need advice? send your project for assessment!”