Mobile application development

1467211348_programming_development_adaptive_codingWe offer professional native and cross-platform mobile development!

Why cross-platform?

To write a code just once and to benefit from a great price-performance ratio is not only a tempting ambition but also a realistic and practical strategy. Exploiting the capabilities of Xamarin, we create applications that work on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone, with a near-original functionality and preserved design allure. Benefits from cross-platform application development are the following:

  • High Performance
  • Close-to-Native User Experience
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Low Development Costs
  • Quick Delivery to the Market

Mobile applications based on Xamarin/ Xamarin Forms.

Powered by .NET, this framework produces not a hybrid, but a native code that gives applications an easy access to the specific hardware and platform-dependent features, thus bringing user experience as close to that of a native app as possible.

From mobile business to entertainment applications, clients from all over the world trust GERSIS to build professional mobile applications with a great price-performance ratio. There are a lot of ways how our Xamarin development team can address your particular needs.

So, if you want to have an application working on all the main mobile platforms for an affordable price within a short period of time, GERSIS is what you’ve been looking for!

Some of our Case Studies:

Mobile App Synchronization

Mobile Barcode Reader

Android Internet Car Radio

Stream Media Player (Mobile)

Slide Show Application (Mobile)

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