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QA and Testing

In Gersis we have analysed over 60 projects of our clients and brought out the 4 most common reasons for failures.

Why many projects fail?

  • Idea 55%
  • Quality 25%
  • Team 15%
  • Technology 5%

It’s vital to have a reliable Quality Assurance & Consulting partner

GERSIS offers not only QA Engineers but also QA Consulting services. Our QA team can join your project at any stage and is ready to address any type of testing such as functional, performance, automation, security, localization and mobile testing. We use diverse pack of software testing tools for projects with all levels of complexity.

Not familiar with QA or do not know where to start?

Our quality consultants will help. They will analyze all processes, identify bottlenecks, and propose a solution to avoid unreasonable financial losses. Basically Gersis QA Consultant’s work consists of 6 stages:

  1. Immerse in the project. The consultant studies the project documentation, processes, conducts interviews with project participants.
  2. Identify problem areas. Any project has problem areas that interfere with its normal flow. Some of them annoy the participants, but do not have serious consequences, others block the work. The task of the consultant is to prioritize.
  3. Development of possible solutions. After the problems have been identified, the consultant proceeds to develop solutions for the specific features of this project.
  4. Discussion options. The best decision is submitted for discussion with the team. Approved by Team? Now the consultant proceeds to the elaboration of a detailed plan.
  5. The implementation of the solution. All changes and innovations are under the watchful eye of the consultant.
  6. Project team support. A good consultant does not abandon the project after the implementation of the solution. He passes on his knowledge to the project team, tells what changes have been made and how to continue working with them.

You will get from QA Consultant’s work:

  • Transparent and measurable processes;
  • Optimal use of infrastructure;
  • Improved product testing strategy;
  • Cost optimization;
  • Improved communication.

Also Gersis offers testing services:

Functional testing. Our team validates and verifies if the software meets all requirements and works as expected.

Performance testing. QA Engineers test software performance to ensure its reliable work on each stage of the development life cycle under normal load, at peak periods and in stress conditions.

Localization testing. Our localization testing team ensures that the software “speaks” a language of target customers, conforms to the local cultural, linguistic and regulatory peculiarities.

Automated testing. AQA Engineers use leading testing tools (such as Selenium, Java, Python, etc.) and the best practices to automate your functional, regression and performance testing processes. (Also read about 4 Difficulties in Automating Testing (And How to Overcome Them)).

Mobile testing. We test your software on the existing mobile handsets or prototypes. We have strong experience in testing iOS, Android, Windows Phone applications of various domains.

Recent case studies:

We used our experience in QA to implement custom Quality Assurance Software. Read about other case studies in Portfolio.

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