Gersis Software

Emergency situation management

Since 2011 GERSIS has been involved in design, development, update and support of Emergency Situation Management Solution for Public Safety in Belarus.

Within this period of time we gained valuable experience in the Analysis and Management of Emergency Situations. No need to say that human life is priceless. The consequences of an Emergency cause great damage to the society, both financial and psychological.

Our main goal during the development of the Emergency Situation Solution was to decrease the time of processing since every second cost millions of dollars of direct losses.

And now we can proudly say that our Solution helps society and fulfil the following tasks:

  • Decrease and Automate Call Processing Time
  • Analyse Objects of Emergency Situation
  • Input and Display Information about Resources and Manpower involved in fire fighting
  • Display up-to-date Information about Emergency Situations on levels (town, state, country)
  • Reports and Statistical Data Generation
  • Data Analysis
  • etc.

The know-how and experience GERSIS gained can be adapted to suit your needs for:

  • Supply Management in Logistics
  • Business Process Management at any level or entire Enterprise
  • Emergency Situation Management at Enterprises or Authorities
  • and many other.

Let us help you analyse your needs and give valuable advice!

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