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Risk Reporting

Management Summary

Many international organizations struggle with the challenge of aggregating and managing increasing amounts of risk related data and accurately reporting these to Management. Most of the available software solutions are designed to fulfill US compliance regulations and are thus not fitting for European needs.

To be aware of the actual risk exposure is crucial not only because of the Basel Committee’s principles for improving the aggregation and reporting of risk data, but rather being in the own best interest of the Senior Management and the Board.

The Risk Reporting Dashboard allows them to see the risks which they better be aware of:

  • enterprise consolidated, or by legal entity/country
  • by any detail: business unit, department, product, status, stakeholders
  • in real-time, with no hurried search for information

Replaces unstructured and ad-hoc communications with a web-based IT system, enforcing structured and consistent risk reporting from responsible stakeholders.

Reports project, product, operational, HR, organizational, issues, from an entity, regional, global or HQ perspective, for legal, compliance and project management audiences.

  • dashboard as the “single source of truth” for globally existing risks
  • provides Risk Reports at the top level down to the highest level of detail
  • provides Templates for risk input
  • provides data links to other IT systems (ERP, CRM, Compliance Management, DBs)


  •  flexible and modular architecture, adaptable to any organization’s need and size
  • simplified report building and analytics
  • faster decision making
  • eliminate duplicate data entry
  • better operational efficiency
  • reduced IT maintenance requirements

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