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Surface Quality Control tool (Image Processing)

quality-control-leatherGersis Software took part in a R&D project called Surface quality control tool. The purpose of the project was to design hardware and develop a software solution for pointing out defects on hides. Our German partner was responsible for designing hardware and Gersis Software was involved into developing a software part.

Every day thousands of hides of various shapes and dimensions (up to 6 by 9 m) arrive to a sorting station. The sorting and selection process is split into several stages, where different types of defects are identified (e.g. scars, animal and insect bites, warts, wrinkles, folds, etc.). The grade of a hide is determined by number of defects, their types and location. Each hide is used for production of various goods depending on its grade.

During the sorting process defects over 0,2 by 0,2 mm are detected. Using a software tool to automate this process avoids time-consuming manual work and dramatically improves a quality of a final product.

A machine with a line camera is designed to scan a hide. The line camera takes 3 shots from different angles and with various light conditions (maximum image size is 15 GB; 65000 x 75000 pixels). After that the software analyzes the image, detects defected areas and assigns a certain grade to a hide. This procedure takes about 1 minute.

Future functionality upgrade will include creating a cutting unit that will calculate optimal options for cutting hides with minimal waste.

Surface quality control tool software can also be used in different industries such as timber processing, textile manufacturing or metal production where surface quality control is required.

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