Gersis Software

Time and Material

Time & Material model of engagement with GERSIS.

If your requirements are less straightforward from the very beginning or there are more dependencies that might affect the solution’s design and the project development on the job, the Time & Material (T&M) engagement model is the best option. In case you prefer to give a try to a certain number of processes within your system, product or web development to test their outsourceability, and thus to alleviate any concerns, we recommend this flexible model. In general, the T&M model will be a good fit for short-term development projects.

The services provided under this model span consulting, development, and testing, with the hourly rates varying depending on the skillset, experience and location of the resources involved. The actual time spent on the task is duly accounted for in the time-tracking system and sent to the customer in the form of regular reports. As your needs change, you can revise the team to optimize your costs without compromising the overall team performance.

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