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  • kentico-bronze-partner-progitFrom enterprise-level to microsites and everything between.
  • Simple and intuitive sites that drive growth and meet buyer needs.

Creating your Kentico website doesn’t need to be an expensive, time-consuming task. With GERSIS you can easily get your website go live. We specialize in deploying .NET web content management (WCM) software.

Kentico CMS allows our team, all of whom are new to website design, to build and manage a website that can keep up with our ideas.  Our old website was a limiting factor in our campaign – it couldn’t meet our needs.  With Kentico, the diversity of features and capabilities has become a source of inspiration for new creativity.  We’re growing to meet the abilities of our site, instead of the other way around.  It has totally transformed our work.

Trevor Russell, Watershed Program Director/ Friends of the Mississippi River, USA, Minnesota

Why Kentico CMS? – It’s a powerful tool for your bold ideas!

  • Kentico application list


  • Dashboard


  • Contextual help


  • Marketing Automation


  • Page Content


  • Web Analytics


  • Form Builder


  • Workflow app


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